Winter Guard Info 2017
Medical Release-Permission Slip (generic form for band, but okay for C.G./W.G.)

What is Color Guard?

The Color guard is an important section of the Big Bad Bear Band, adding the visual aspect to the marching band show. The Colorguard provides the visual interpretation of the music.

Why join?

Nationwide, high school colorguard auxiliary units purchase new uniforms for marching season AND different ones for winterguard competitions each school year.  For Marching Band Season, Colorguard members pay the same as band members, but will have some additional uniform costs, usually around $200 for items that they get to keep like shoes and their uniform.  Flags, rifles and sabres that add visual interest and color and coordinate with the show's theme are owned and provided by the band boosters. Winter guard has separate competitions from the Band and has other costs for the uniform and travel: see below.



What is Winter Guard?

Winter guard is a relatively new performance art form that combines elements of music, dance and military precision. Born out of the drum corps/marching band world, winter guard came into existence about twenty-five years ago. As an indoor competition, it involves the manipulation (spins, tosses, flips) of equipment including rifles, flags and sabers while moving around the performance space to recorded music.

This 2017 season of Winter Guard requires a fee of ~$400 from every student for uniform and travel expenses. New students will also need to pay a fee of $145 (this money goes towards paying staff, buying props/equipment/etc.) All students need to have submitted forms (medical, trip permission, student registration) Deadline is 16th of December to instructors, or taken to the booster meeting.

Last Update: January 11, 2016


Like to spin things, toss things in the air, dance, perform, compete, and have a HUGE group of friends? We have the thing for you!!!

Come to one of our practices to see what it’s all about.

see calendar on main band page


Color Guard Director Edwin Parker
or call:505-712-4784